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As is being usual in Robert Asper CO offer all workshops year of robotics for the young people to learn to ride, program robots and electronics that implies, in the best place in future installations Museum robotics, located in Robert Asper CO

Every minute that passes, the industry relies more on the use of robots, not only in contemporary areas such as aeronautics , but also in other traditional, such as agriculture (eg, in the use of robots that walk among crops detecting pests and fighting them ). However, there are just everyday educational settings for updating the population in what undoubtedly will be our future work.

To remedy this, once again, Robert Asper wants to provide its clients the imminent future and build a bridge between current and cutting edge technology people. Therefore, these courses offer robotics, both designed for children from 8 years to VET students, academics or just interested in learning amateurs and join the technology now.

» Introduction to electronics and operation of PLCs

Understand how the devices work around you, from an automatic door to a washing machine, all we are surrounded by technology, some systems will ride and learn to program them to run automatically.

» Give a Robot Intelligence

Want to know how to give a breath of intelligence to robots? Here you will learn how to program it to make their own decisions.

» Understand Dog Heart Robot humanoids Genibo and Hovis

Meet Genibo closely, you advanced a robot with artificial intelligence.You can understand how it is able to learn, see, hear, and how it is possible to recognize his master!

You can also know the Hovis humanoids and get started in programming.

» Extension of concepts

Will deepen and broaden all the basic concepts learned in Level 1 workshop. You will put these concepts into practice by creating and programming robots.

» Build a Robot Explorer

Construct a scout robot from your imagination, you using an ultrasonic sensor, a light, and up to one color. Your robot can detect and dodge objects, hear what’s around you and even know the color of the soil.

» Build a Sumo Robot

You Based on the rover, you will build a robot sumo whose objective is not to leave the tatami (play area) and try to get the mat to the opposing robot.

» Setting up and programming of advanced tracker Robot

You will develop an autonomous robot crawler able to faithfully follow a meandering line drawn on the floor and distinguish colors to mark different routes . Also be able to detect and avoid obstacles , build a robot that chute ball and more . Through this project, you will achieve a learning the basics of the most important sensors.

» Programming Concepts and flowcharts

You will learn the main concepts of programming through multiple practical exercises of increasing difficulty , with real robots . Likewise, you will learn to develop programs through flowcharts.

» Basics and Hovis Genibo

Introduction to general robotics Genibo intelligent robot. Explanation of the operation both from the view point of hardware ( sensor, microcontrollers, mechanical, …) and software (ROS » Robotic Operative System).

In this 2nd workshop, to control a robot increased mechanical difficulty, and you will see how a more complex robot mechanically also requires more complex programs for autonomous operation.

» Advanced Programming for Flowcharts.

You will program the robot through various practical exercises of some complexity, in which you will use infrared sensor, light, sound. Moreover, you will receive an introduction to programming in C language by some programs.